My first Wedding as Photographer

Jun 13, 2017

Photo, Shooting
#Verona #wedding
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And so I did it. My father-in-law asked me to shoot his (second) wedding and I couldn't be more excited and honored!

The wedding was brief and kinda casual. The ceremony occurred at the Fresco Museum where Juliet’s Grave is conserved. The room was simple and decorated only with a few frescos, while the courtyard was super cute, with different photogenic corners and a wonderful light. After that, we went to Piazza Bra – where Arena is located – for a quick buffet and the cake.

Shooting your first wedding is always electrifying and a little bit scaring, especially when you’re used to seeing young American couples in your favorites photographers’ portfolios, while your couple is over-50 and Italian – we’re not so comfortable in front of a camera, I was only helped during my wedding shooting from my 17 years on a stage as a ballerina. We also had a strict schedule, a bad artificial lighting at the ceremony, and a lot of photos with guests to take to shorten the time for the couple only. After all is said and done, I’m happy with the final result. So these are some of the shots I ended up sending them.