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May 29, 2017

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Leggi in italiano

This is my first post about packing for Italy! Since I have a LOT of skincare products, I decided to write another post (coming soon) with the makeup and haircare items I brought with me here in Italy.

If you read my post about the travel kit, you’ve already seen some of these products. And if you want to see a little better the following products in action and understand a little better the order of my skincare routine’s steps, check the video below!
Heimish All Clean Balm : this is my first cleansing step. I’ve always hated removing makeup with cotton pads, even the Muji ones, which are super soft and gentle, probably because I use a ton of mascara that made me feel like I was scrubbing my lashes really sharply. I just massage it all over the face starting from my eyes and it melts away everything. Then I wash my face with slightly warm water and I let it wet for the second cleanse.
(PM, if I’m wearing makeup)

Su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick : I recently bought this stick and I already love it! It’s a foamy cleanser but it doesn’t leave my skin dry and tight as other similar products. The stick form is so convenient – plane approved, right? – and it smells really great. I use it with my SoloMio, a (lot) cheaper but effective dupe of the Foreo Luna. I then rinse it off under cold water and use a gentle towel to tap my face leaving my face completely dry. Why? Because leaving water on your skin to dry by itself makes your skin lose hydration, the same thing that happens when you constantly lick your lips : you’re making them even drier!
If you want to know more about the double-cleansing method, this article is for you.
(AM + PM)

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner : I don’t know where you live, but in my country (Italy) I’ve always heard talking about toner as a harsh and aggressive product. Even the few I tried, they were pretty unpleasant on the skin. Now that I’m more informed about skincare, I know that there are different kinds of toner and that my skin, which is dry, really dry, doesn’t need that kind of astringent toners I used in the past, but I need hydrating ones, that Koreans love so much. After a lot of researches, I chose this one by Klairs, because it does the job without leaving you broke. You can afford something more luxurious, Renee did a great job in this video – she does great reviews and tutorial, I totally suggest following her YouTube channel!
(AM + PM)

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% : here we start to get nerdy. If you already are passionate about skincare, you surely know everything about this brand. If you’re not, well : The Ordinary sells affordable skincare – and now, foundation too – for skincare geeks. Their products aren’t called “brightening serum” or “purifying treatment”, so the website can make you feel completely lost if you’re not a little skilled. To be honest, I needed a few days to start decoding their formulations and, even now, some of them are kind of mysterious. But let’s start from acids : Amelia did a great job in this and this post (read them if you want to know more about the subject), but essentially, as she writes, “Lactic Acid helps control dark spots, fine lines, and other signs of aging by breaking down the barrier between skin cells”.

I got this little bottle as a gift at the presentation of the brand made by Beautylish and I left it for a couple of months in the bathroom, too scared to use such a strong acid formulation. I finally decided to give it a try and I fell in love. Since it can be really aggressive, I work in this way with it : I apply a first layer of toner and I tap it on the skin until it’s completely absorbed then I spread on my face another generous layer of toner and, before starting the tapping, I spread a little amount of lactic acid on the toner, so they are absorbed into the skin together. I’ve been using this method every night for days and I had no issues at all.
(PM only : it makes your skin more sensitive to light, so be even more careful wearing SPF during the day and use hats if you like them)

Goldfaden Wake Up Call : I won this product in a giveaway. It contains retinol, which is a form of vitamin A, as retinoids – which are stronger and more effective. They speed up cell turnover, helping removing dead skin cells that can clog pores and make skin look dull ; they also boost collagen and elastin production by stimulating cellular repair ; they’re proven to reverse the signs of aging. I don’t know how powerful is this product since the percentage of retinol is not available on their website and they don’t answer to my messages and tweets, but I’m going on using it until I’ll put – hopefully soon – an order on The Ordinary website including that wonderfully reviewed Advanced Retinoid 2%.
(PM for the same reason as the lactic acid)

Goldfaden Bright Eyes : as the aforementioned product from the same brand, I didn’t purchase it by choice. I started using it not so long ago, but I think that it’s working really well together with the eye cream by Kiehl’s brightening my dark circles. It’s also very hydrating, but not greasy at all, it layers very well under makeup.
(AM + PM)

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate : to be 100% honest, I don’t think this has improved my skin in any spectacular way, but since acids can make your skin drier, I like to use it right before – and sometimes after – my moisturizer. It’s basically a mix of oils, but I plan to buy something more interesting and active as soon as I use up this bottle.

Hope Girl Ultra Moist Donkey Milk Cream : I bought this moisturizer during a sale at the Memebox HQ here in San Francisco because it was at only 5 bucks. It’s the weirdest cream I’ve ever seen, but it’s hydrating and not too occlusive, so ideal for my skin in the warm and humid Italian weather.

Here on the left you can see my night skincare routine set, on the right the morning one.

Dr. Botanicals Super Concentrate Radiance Boosting Serum : I bought this serum and the following moisturizer when I saw them on sale on Hautelook – they were priced at maybe 1/3 of their usual! I don’t know if it’s really making my skin more radiant, but I’m gonna use it until the end of the pot.

Dr. Botanicals Coco Noir Natures Own Light Facial Moisturiser Moisturizer : it’s a really hydrating and moisturizing cream, but it’s not greasy and layers perfectly under SPF and makeup.

Missha All Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF45/PA+++ : I love this sunscreen. It’s perfection for my skin! It doesn’t dry my skin out, has a natural satin finish, maybe slightly dewy, but layers amazingly under my makeup. It’s also affordable and protects from both UVA and UVB. Absolutely recommended if you have dry skin.That’s it! Stay tuned for the next post about my favorite hair + body care and makeup ;)