My skincare travel-kit for a long flight

May 20, 2017

Look, Skincare
Leggi in italiano

Everybody knows how drying the air in a plane is, but, honestly, I didn't use to care. Now I'm aware of how much my skin is dry already, so I'm gonna take care of it during those long hours I have ahead...

While you’re reading this post, I’m probably headed to the airport to take a flight to Italy. For the first time in years, Lorenzo and I’ll fly together! In these years we’ve always accompanied each other to the airport when one of us had to leave, so we’re really happy to spend those long hours side-by-side and not having to wait to be reunited after weeks. They’re gonna be three intense weeks, among errands – going to the American consulate to have my official Visa on my passport, renewing my driver license, etc – and hanging out with friends and family.

As you know, I started taking care of my skin last February and I’ve already seen a big improvement – even Lorenzo, I mean, a man, is astonished by my almost-disappeared dark-circles. I realized how important is hydration, and I know how bad is flying for the skin. Therefore, I decided to put together a little skin-care-travel-kit pouch with the essential to survive to those 13+3 hours on a plane. You can find the products’ list below – with links to reviews or descriptions.

I’ll publish a deeper review about some of these products in a blog post next week, stay tuned!