care/of – supplements review

Apr 13, 2017

Life, Health
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Let’s talk about a service that I’m loving so much and that really improves your health – with style!

I can’t help it. When I see a quiz for a customized product, I freak out. I got excited and I NEED to have it. And when the aforementioned quiz is on a really well-designed website, so well designed that I have so much fun that I redo that quiz almost 10 times, it’s done. I’m sold.

As a certified Nutritional Therapist – even if I don’t practice because, well, the program I joined was a shame…. – I know the importance of this and that vitamin or mineral or element and I also know how hard is it to have the healthiest lifestyle possible. So supplements can really help.

What I love about Care/of, beyond the user experience on their website, is that you receive a pretty box containing 30 packs with your name on them, in which you have all the supplements for one day. So you’re set for an entire month. My packets contiain 1 vitamin B12, 1 astaxanthin, 3 calcium plus, and 2 fish oil. That’s was the result of my quiz. But you can also change your order, add other supplements you’re interested in – like the rhodiola, for instance, if you know you’re going to have a strenous period ahead, both phisical and/or phsicological.

Do you take any supplements? Would you try this service? Are you a sucker like me with customizable products? :D Let me know!