Peanut ‘n Beer Sorbet

Aug 08, 2017

Food, Dessert
#dairy-free #eggless #soy-free #vegan #vegetarian
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No, I'm not getting crazy - at least I hope so - but I'm simply getting older and my taste has been changing so much lately. So yes, beer it is.

For this recipe, I was inspired by the latest ice-cream cone I had during our 3 weeks in Italy. I already told you about Zeno and his amazing vegan flavors and touched upon that beer and peanut one that surprised me so much. So a couple of weeks ago I started¬†searching on google keywords as “beer types” or “best beer for dessert” and “less bitter beer” and I discovered a new world.

We’re not really into beer in Italy, at least not as much as people here. There are a few breweries at a walking distance from our cottage here in Berkeley and beer is generally more considered here. I think it’s a matter of culture: in Italy you can order a xxxx (sub with the name of a brand) but if you want a more peculiar beer you usually have to go to specialized pubs. And unless you’re a beer enthusiast, you probably order a beer only together with a pizza. I think I’ve never been at a restaurant with someone who ordered a beer with spaghetti. So yes, I had no idea about how much information I had to assimilate before being able to even understand what I wanted. I mean, did you know about IBU? The International Bitterness Unit for beer? Btw, after days and a good 30 minutes spent in front of the beer department of Whole Foods, I picked two bottles, I brought them at home, tasted them both and chose one for this recipe I had in mind.

The process is super easy and the result quite surprising. It’s perfect for an adult-ice-cream-date with friends. Anyway, if you’re an expert and you think there’s a specific beer that tastes wonderfully with peanuts, let me know!


I used homemade peanut butter with roasted peanuts as the unique ingredient.
As beer, I picked an organic Hefe-Weizen.
If you want a creamier result without adding fats, I strongly suggest using some starch or carob bean gum. This sorbet, as it’s here, has a great flavor, but lacks in texture. I wanted to share it with you anyway because I’ll probably never make it again – I already have 1.5lb to eat by myself – but it really deserves to be in your freezer if you love beer!

[ yields 30oz / 850g of sorbet ]

1/2 cup peanut butter (120g)
1 tbsp blackstrap molasses (18g)
1/3 cup maple syrup (80ml)
1 cup beer (120ml) – see notes
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups water (240ml)

Mix all the ingredients into a saucepan (with at least 1.5 quart of capacity) on a burner. Bring almost to boil and stir with a whisk until everything is well combined. Let it cool, then pour the mixture into a container in the fridge overnight.

Blend the mixture very well, then pour it into an ice-cream machine until it reaches the right consistency. Eat immediately or reserve it in the freezer – just bring it to room temperature for a little bit before serving once completely frozen.