3-Ingredient Superfoods Bombs

Jun 02, 2017

Food, Breakfast
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Leggi in italiano

As a superfoods lover who despises smoothies - sorry guys - I try to find new ways to include them in my diet beyond sprinkling them on my breakfast bowl. You won't be able to find a more simple and quick recipe to use them in a different way!

I bought some superfoods while I was writing my cookbook and I realized a few weeks ago that their expiration date is really close! I also noticed that I find easier to use them in the morning but having them in different packages makes me simply…avoid them. I want my breakfast to be ready asap. So I decided to mix almost all my superfoods in a big jar that I reserve in the fridge : this makes the process of adding them to my yogurt so easier – little note : since I use an app to supervise my diet, where I add every single food I take, having to add only one ingredient, which I created on my profile, instead of 4-5, makes everything way quicker!

Since I had to leave to Italy for 3 weeks, I decided to make something that allowed me to take those superfoods with me, and I ended up preparing these “bombs”. I decided to call them in this way because you can shape them however you want, as truffle or as bars. My choice was to roll the dough into some shredded coconut and slice it. This is an über simple recipe that you can use for any superfoods or, why not, protein powder you like.

Unfortunately, I don’t have my usual cups-gram ingredient list because I just added them to MyFitnessPal on my iPhone and some of the powders are in grams while others in tbsp. Anyway, my superfood mix includes açai powder (50 g), maca (140 g), cacao (32 g), baobab (4 tbsp), mesquite (80 g), ground flaxseed (6 tbsp), and moringa (20 g). I just put them into my blender to combine before putting my new superfood powder into the jar.


I used shredded coconut as topping but you can use cacao powder, matcha powder, sesame seeds or any other ingredient that does the job.
You can eat these bombs as a breakfast on the run, as a snack before or after the gym or crumbled on a nanacream or some yogurt.

[ for 265 g of dough, yielded 10 slices about 1 6/8 inch large ]

1 cup (105 g) superfoods powder – read intro
1 cup (167 g) pitted medjoul dates
1 tbsp (3 g) shredded coconut

Put the powder and dates into a high-speed blender – I think a food processor could work too – and blend until they form a dough. Don’t over blend if you don’t want your Vitamix smelling weird, ahem.

Move it onto a piece of parchment paper and start shaping. If you go for truffles, you’ll need more coconut. Reserve in the fridge in an air-tight container.

Enjoy it with some fresh fruit for an on-the-go breakfast or as a snack after your workout.