I’m Valentina, an Italian expat living in NoCal who eloped wearing a blue dress and black Converse shoes.

I started my first (food) blog in 2008; it was in Italian and food was the only subject. Five years later, I decided to throw everything in the garbage and start from scratch with a new space to share my recipes with a wider nationality of people, named “Sweet Kabocha”. That experience brought me to the publication of my first book, but after a few months, I started feeling the desire to explore new topics, both in my life and my blog. I got passionate about skincare, makeup, and fashion, so I spent a ton of money on useless products and cluttered our small home like crazy. And then Kauai happened.

The island reconnected my mind to my first love: nature. I realized that my body was craving for real food and green beauty products, while my soul wanted to follow a more minimal, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle. So that’s my project for 2018: buying only natural products and sustainable clothes, eat organic food, humanely raised animals and sustainable fish, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, trying to be as sustainable as I can. If you have the same goal, we can help each other and work on it together!