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Hi and welcome to The Blue Bride!

I’m Valentina, 28 years old, born and raised in Italy but moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to follow my boyfriend – now husband – who got a job here. My life after high-school has always been and still is an uninterrupted change. At 20 I figured myself as a ballet teacher for the rest of my life, but I quit after only 3 years. In the meantime I started studying Communication simply to feed my brain a little, but except for my semester in Lille, northern France, I hated it. After an experience in the most important Italian organic store chain headquarters, I studied to become Nutritional Therapist.

I’ve been a food blogger for something about 8 years and even if I still enjoy it, it’s not enough anymore. I decided to start The Blue Bride to show you the 100% of myself. The cliché of the healthy food blogger is a gardener hippie or a fitness maniac. I’m none of them. I love real food, organic, mostly plant-based, whole, but I also enjoy wearing makeup, dressing up, and curling my hair. This is the place where you can follow me in my entirety.


My diet is based on whole foods. After years following a(n almost) vegan diet – I’ve always used bee products – I started again eating goat and sheep dairies, eggs (always organic, almost always duck), and some fish every now and then. You won’t find any meat or cow dairies – but ghee – in my recipes and eggs used in a cake batter.

In June 2016 my debut cookbook, Sweet Kabocha – La mia cucina integrale in 100 ciotole vegan, was been published in Italy by Eifis.


My skin is dry and dehydrated and (hormonal) acne prone. My hair is thin, wavy with curly ends, damaged since ever, frizzy, and prone to develop split ends. My scalp is super dry as my skin. I’m 5’2″ (158 cm) for 101.5 lb (46 kg), but we don’t have a scale at home, so I don’t check my weight frequently. I have short legs and a long torso, I wear a 32aa bra size – I only use bralettes then – and I have a straight figure. My measurements are 32-27-34 inch (81-68-86 cm) ; my rib cage is large and straight up to the waist, making wearing some kind of dresses really hard for me.


I love trying new restaurants and exotic food. I love sci-fi and medical drama tv shows. I’m passionate about health and disease prevention, especially using food and herbs. I grew up as a Catholic but I’m an atheist since when I was 14. Right now I live in a rented little cottage in Berkeley, California, but I dream to have my own home with a luminous and big kitchen, a lot of whites, raw wood, and plants. I don’t have a job because American law doesn’t allow H4 visa holders to have an income, unfortunately – not even blog ads. If I was rich I’d spend all my money on tattoos, cookbooks, and skincare products.


I have never studied photography and I dream to become a pro sooner or later. I like shooting food, but after years playing with it, I know love a lot more portraits. I decided to write about photography too here because I think that there are so many other bloggers out there who can find what I learned by myself helpful.





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